• discuss this with the girl

  • American girls appreciate when a man does not snot, but brazenly hits them. All these rules about bed for the third meeting are partly true, but only partly. I believe that they are more for insecure cowboys - confident cowboys easily violate such rules. After good fuel, you can openly discuss this with the girl https://www.dating.com/how-to-meet-an-american-woman/ (Americans, by the way, appreciate such conversations and easily enter them).

    That is, for example, you hug your Suzy a little and broadcast the following to her ear: "You know, I would like to invite you home today, but according to the rules we need to meet twice more, you know, as usual, and I just want to break these rules - first home, and then meet..." Openly discuss with her all these issues - they are terrified of what they like to communicate on such topics.

    Regarding treats, bills, and so on, it is better to immediately put the American in her place and not try to pay for it. Right in the forehead, you declare that you would like everyone in half, as a rule, they do not particularly repent about this. The main thing is not to tame them and not spoil them with what you will pay for everything.

    I came up with an ingenious excuse that almost always works: "When you become my wife, then I will wear you in my arms and pay for everything, and before the wedding - everything in half. I need to make sure you're serious. " Oddly enough, Americans understand such logic quite well - they often even try to pay for everything themselves.

    Regarding the sense of humor - it is somewhat specific among Americans. The right thing is to start tapping them on typically female things, like: "Now such girls have gone, they immediately want sex, and I am of the opinion that you need to wait at least a couple of hours" - loud laughter is guaranteed to you.

    And in general, they love when you begin to discuss topics with them with a calm face, about which it is not customary to talk, for example, start a conversation about contraception or whether our common children will be beautiful. Tested on dozens of American girls - they are on this and support the topic. There's a lot of laughter, smiles and everything, like butter goes.